Get Excited About Change

image.jpegBreaking and making 12 habits over 12 months sounds like a whole lot of hard work and it is, believe me, I’m doing it! But it doesn’t have to be all bad…

I want to share with you a trick of the trade that not only helps me get through it with a rosey sunshine disposition but also helps me stay on track, even though I rail road more often that I’d like to admit.

That’s right you heard it here first I ate my body weight in sugar for the month after I quit for the month. Don’t judge me, you’re not perfect! I’m back on track now for your information… sort of… it’s a work in progress… I have progress, that’s the main thing!

The saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. One of the things I plan is my attitude, it’s a freaking huge factor!

Prior to each challenge I sit down and write down all the things that will be good about me making or breaking the next habit and I get abnormally and almost weirdly excited about it. How cool is turning down an ice-cream or not having social media or making several different good habit all at once! Freaking farting fairy dust I’m so excited, that’s how good it is!!!

Or this is what I tell myself anyway and I hard core concentrate on it.

You see it’s all in your head, the power to everything, I won’t get too woo woo on you but it’s true!

If I went into this month where I’m tracking everything I do in a day thinking – OMG this is going to be so hard, what a drag, FML – It’s pretty likely that not only would I be miserable but feel far less likely to accomplish what I’ve set out to accomplish.

Every single thing we do has a down side if you look for it. Some of us habitually think that way. That’s right our thinking believe it or not is a habit.

We all know them, those people who always seem to have something to complain about? It’s because they habitually have a negative mindset. We also know the opposite, people who always seem happy and appreciative of every little thing? They have a positive mindset. Our minds actually habitually make these thought patterns.

Anyway that’s a bit off topic yet on a side note it relates to my next month’s habit. I’m breaking complaining! I struggle with a positive mindset so I want to focus on making this shift. More of that later.

Back to the point. You can change anything you want in your life! The truth is most of the time it’s going to be hard so don’t make it harder on yourself by having a bad attitude. Shift the way you think about things.

Nervous about an interview? Concentrate on how excited you are for the opportunity to take the interview! Dreading quitting smoking? Write down every positive reason you’re giving up and put it on your fridge! Don’t want to clean your house every week like you promised yourself you would? Think about that clean house smell and how worth it it’s going to be.

Whatever it is you want in life, GET EXCITED ABOUT IT!