Life of a reformed social media addict

social media picWell haven’t I indulged in the land of “F social media”, Sorry guys, I did promise blogs and instagram pics. I know, I know, I’m a shit blogger!

Meh, I’ve loved it!

I’ve felt like such a freaking rebel getting my bad ass on actually holding conversations and being in awkward situations without buffering my way out of them by looking at my phone. I have life skills bitches!!

So what’s happened over the past month? Let’s start with the not so great times first.

Day 2, I forfeited a netball game because in my head I didn’t think we would have enough numbers but actually our group chat said we had plenty. Oops! That was a one way ticket to pissing 7 women off! Sorry ladies!

Next, a quick apology to the 3 beautiful brides-to-be for whom I’m Bridesmaid for this year. Sorry you had to separately text me due to my non conformity with your BM group chats! Thanks for being awesome and texting your wayward BM x

Now, all sins confessed and the shitty parts of not having social media done and dusted, let’s get to the good stuff!

The first point I’d like to make shocked me – But it was my favourite part. I came to realise how disconnected I had become from having actual connections with people in my life. I’d figured I was doing a good job half-heartedly taking part in my loved ones lives every day through social media. The past month I have felt more engaged and apart of my friends and families lives than I ever did before. I’ve learnt to not underestimate the importance of phone calls, texts to an individual, being fully engaged in conversations, hearing what someone has done in their lives first hand and actually being there, right there, in the flesh for someone you love.

Mushy lovey dovey stuff out of the way….

…So much time for activities! I’ve been reading again, books, magazines, the back of the toilet spray. Remember the days when you could name every ingredient of the lavender spray in the bathroom! I’ve studied every week, half a unit to go and I’m a Life Coach, officially!!! HOW ECITING!! Yoga of a morning and actually going to bed to sleep at night. I like these things filling in my days, it brings me happiness, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram don’t.

I got to choose when I dealt with negativity and bullshit. You have no control over what people put in your life with social media, I didn’t realise how much it was actually infiltrating my moods and thoughts until they didn’t. I felt a level of calm just dealing with my own world and the world of those I invite into mine. I now almost have an anxiety attack at the thought of keeping up with 1224 worlds just in FB friends.

I don’t actually like social media, which was news to me! It’s just a habit, I didn’t miss it at all! I actually feel like I was cheating on my “break a habit mission”, it wasn’t hard like I thought it would be. Sure the first few days I was picking up my phone and putting it down realising that there was nothing on it for me but that was it. I have nothing to report in the way of tips for giving up social media, because it’s easy, you just have to do it.

Now the big question, make it or break it? Hmmmm… half half. When it comes to Facebook Messenger, life is actually easier and better with it, I wouldn’t be without it. I’m going to do a BIG clean up on the other platforms, kick some “friends” and unfollow pages. I love seeing photos of my besties babies and exciting moments in friends lives, that I’ve missed. Seeing a cat lick itself however I don’t feel brings much value to my life.

So that’s that…. Stay tuned for next month… I’m excited about this one, time to make a habit… or should I say habits!

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