Sugar by any other name would taste as sweet

sugar by
So by now we know how much of a prick sugar is.
We know it’s making us fat.
We know it’s the cause of diseases.
We know it’s addictive.
We know it contributes mood swings and even depression.
We know we are eating far more than we are capable of digesting.
We know it hides in foods it has no business being in and;
We know the industry has corrupted the truth being told to us.

It’s now time to name and shame!

There’s a saying, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, let’s get to know the devils you don’t know. Here are some of the alias’ that sugar goes by;
– Cane Sugar
– Corn Syrup
– Diatase
– Fructose
– Maltose
– Dextrose
– Lactose
– Dextran
– Ethyl Maltol
– Barley Malt
– Agave Nectar
– Maltodextrin
– Muscovado
– Barbados Sugar
– Caramel
– Panocha
– Beet sugar
– Invert Sugar
– Diatose
– Malt Syrup
– Sorgum Syri
– Fruit Juice
– Blackstrap Molasses
– Confectioners Sugar
– Date Sugar
– Diastatic malt
– Florida Crystals
– Galactose
– Refiners Syrup
– Carbo Syrup

Now I don’t know about you but I for one, have far more important things in life to remember than all the names this arse hole sugar goes by.

To make life easy I just stay away from anything with a “…tose”, “malt”, “syrup” and “sugar”.

I’m no sugar Nazi. To me, the important thing is reading the label and being aware of what’s in something I intend on putting into my body and making the choice.

That’s what it’s about, It’s about making the choice for myself based on what I know, not a food company making the choice for me without my knowledge. #controlfreak

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