How my sugar free month tasted


Job Done!

One whole month Sugar free!

Shockingly, I’m alive, contrary to my belief that “I’d die without chocolate”.

I’m going to give you the report on my findings during this experiment in pro’s and con’s.

Let’s start with the bad news first and finish off on a high note with the good news.

1. The world sucks and you hate everything and everyone and you feel like a pre-pubescent teenager with a MASSIVE attitude problem for ATLEAST the first week!
Everything I read told me that I’d become an over tired devil spawn bitch from hell, so naturally I become very arrogant in the first few days proclaiming, “I feel fine”….well. well. well… only a few days later I managed to piss everyone I work with off, convince myself I had the worst life ever, cry my annual allowance of tears with in a week and I may have even… maybe…. possibly… punched the kitchen wall (side note 1: Our walls are double brick) (side note 2: I’ve not admitted this to anyone) (side note 3: don’t judge me!).

2. It’s bloody hard! Particularly when you step out of the house. It’s easy finding menus with GF pasted all over them but nothing with SF written on it.
– Going to the local show – Main ingredients of all Show related foods? Tomato sauce or white bread. Hard pass on both.
– ROOOOOOOOOOOAD TRIP! Bulk sugar in EVERYTHING! Fun fact though, did you know that KFC’s nutritional information chart is on their website? Interesting read, really!
– Lunch with the girls – The menu wasn’t my battle here, it was the “what are you going to eat Hayley? A lettus leaf?” taunts that made me what to snort the hot chocolate powder straight out of the canister on the coffee machine.
– Going to someone else’s house for dinner. Let me tell you a famous story amongst my family. We were always taught that if someone else cooked you a meal you were to be grateful for their efforts, sit down, shut up and eat it, FULL STOP. One time my brother, mother and I were cooked for and served smoked cod…. boiled!
Regardless, my brother and I sat there and ate it like the grateful little angels we were. Later mum came in to the bathroom where her two children burst into tears and asked her never to make us eat that again. Mum was so proud of her polite offspring, yet having also eaten the culinary insult thankfully she never made us eat smoked cod boiled again. Moral to the story, there’s no bloody way I’m going to someone’s house and asking them to ensure there’s no sugar in any of the ingredients that they feed me. Second moral to the story, I enjoyed every last bite of what ever was dished up to me, sugar or no sugar and I’m not sorry.

3. I’m going to make this one quick for the sake of the fella’s who may read this. Going through that time, at that particular point in the month, sugar free, isn’t pleasant. I’ll let you ladies fill in your own version of hell here.

Now for the happy story….


1. I now comfortably fit into a pair of jeans I have been carrying around for 7 years in hopes that this day would come. Let me first get something straight here, this challenge has never been about loosing weight. Holy moly though, it was a good feeling pulling those babies on without squirming around laying on my bed, putting my back out while pulling up the zipper up or doing “the twist” to get them over my thighs.

2. It’s amazing the habits I didn’t even realise I’d formed until I wasn’t allowed to do it. Habits like scouting a service station every time I filled up my car for what I might “like” as a “one off” treat, slipping down the sweet isle whilst at the supermarket, grabbing for something sweet after I’d eaten any meal, spoon full of honey in my tea, my love for condiments, nibbling etc. I did all these things out of mindless habit.  It’s nice to feel in control of something you didn’t even know you had no control over.

3. It rubs off. I’ve had friends check in a food labels with me to check how much sugar is in something and engage in new recipes that are sugar free. Even my partner who is very much a blokes bloke when it comes to his food ran with the concept a few times. One night I went to put some pasta on for him whilst I spiralled Zucchini for myself, I was super surprised when he said “I’ll have the same as you”, I even caught him checking a food label before he served me something.

Now I’m sure pigs will fly before every one of my loved ones fully embrace a sugar free diet, none the less, it’s a nice feeling when you see a good change in your life have a positive influence on the people you love.

4. I know stuffs about stuffs. At first I was weighing and measuring every single ingredient in every single thing I ate. This lasted a week before I got jack of it. Yet what I found was, that week gave me enough knowledge to fairly well accurately judge how much sugar was in what I was eating. It became easy really. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

5. I sleep better, much better. My fit bit stats show me sleeping like a rock these days from the moment I put my head to the pillow. Before I was all over the shop with getting to sleep and staying asleep.

6. I don’t feel as sluggish. I’ve come to love that “eaten fresh feeling”. It’s so nice feeling light in the belly. I couldn’t say that this is completely owed to being sugar free as I don’t know that for sure. I think it would be fair to say that it’s coupled with that and not being able to eat heavy foods such as bread on the reg.

Now my final word, to I make it or break it?

I’m defiantly keeping these habits broken. I don’t think I’ll be a Nazi about it like I’ve been this last month but the pro’s defiantly weigh out the cons and I feel better than I have in a long time. I think it’s ok to bend when you have to or when you’ll really enjoy it. For the most part though I’ve kicked sugar and it’s staying that way.

Also, I ate a celebratory packet of Maltesers whilst writing this and I now have a head ache. It’s official, Sugar sucks!

Sugar by any other name would taste as sweet

sugar by
So by now we know how much of a prick sugar is.
We know it’s making us fat.
We know it’s the cause of diseases.
We know it’s addictive.
We know it contributes mood swings and even depression.
We know we are eating far more than we are capable of digesting.
We know it hides in foods it has no business being in and;
We know the industry has corrupted the truth being told to us.

It’s now time to name and shame!

There’s a saying, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, let’s get to know the devils you don’t know. Here are some of the alias’ that sugar goes by;
– Cane Sugar
– Corn Syrup
– Diatase
– Fructose
– Maltose
– Dextrose
– Lactose
– Dextran
– Ethyl Maltol
– Barley Malt
– Agave Nectar
– Maltodextrin
– Muscovado
– Barbados Sugar
– Caramel
– Panocha
– Beet sugar
– Invert Sugar
– Diatose
– Malt Syrup
– Sorgum Syri
– Fruit Juice
– Blackstrap Molasses
– Confectioners Sugar
– Date Sugar
– Diastatic malt
– Florida Crystals
– Galactose
– Refiners Syrup
– Carbo Syrup

Now I don’t know about you but I for one, have far more important things in life to remember than all the names this arse hole sugar goes by.

To make life easy I just stay away from anything with a “…tose”, “malt”, “syrup” and “sugar”.

I’m no sugar Nazi. To me, the important thing is reading the label and being aware of what’s in something I intend on putting into my body and making the choice.

That’s what it’s about, It’s about making the choice for myself based on what I know, not a food company making the choice for me without my knowledge. #controlfreak