Sugars dirty hide and seek tactics

So, I stuffed up. Day two I stuffed up.

Now don’t get me wrong when I say I stuffed up, I promise I didn’t sit in a corner rocking back and forth smearing sweet treats over my naked, sugar crazed body.

I just happened to loose the dirty little hide and seek game that sugar plays!

I had 497km to drive, 4 clients to see and I was doing it on very little sleep – That’s a story for another day.

Determined to stick to my guns and show that “sweet-son-of -a-white-bitch” who’s boss, I walked into the service station on a hunt for something that wouldn’t have sugar in it. I was running behind on time so I grabbed a little 43g packet of fruit and nuts, paid for my fuel and ran out the door.

I opened the packet on my next 1 1/2 hour trip, took my first “nut” and popped it in my mouth concentrating on the road. What the! Nope, not a nut, white chocolate bite!

I won’t lie, it was delicious!

SHIT!! I picked the white chocolate out, throwing the pieces out the window because I would have eaten them otherwise and continued to chow down on the nuts.

Proud of my self for being the boss and tossing the choc, I checked the packet out. The whole thing was full of sugar!

For those punters at home who don’t know how nutritional information works, allow me to teach you a few things.

  1. Hide & seek tactic # 1 – The ingredients on a packet are listed from the largest quantity to the least. Out of the 10 ingredients in my nut packet sugar was 3rd.
  2. Hide & seek tactic # 2 – Serving size is usually not what you eat. This packet has serving size of 30g… The whole packet is 45g! Excuse me while I don’t eat an almond and a pistachio to coincide with you “serving size” pfft! Seriously? Food companies can put anything they like there.
  3. Hide & seek tactic # 3 – I look at the sugar content per 100g = 40.4g. So I do my math… 40.4g of sugar per 100g = 0.40g of sugar per gram. Times 0.40g by the 45g in the packet = 18g of sugar.
  4. Hide & seek tactic # 4 – 4g sugar = one teaspoon. That means there is 4.5 teaspoons of sugar in that one “healthy snack”!

So there you go, moral of the story, sugar doesn’t play nice in the sand pit! Not cool fruit & nut mix not cool!


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