My demon first, Sugar.

imageFrom the beginning of this hair brained idea I knew one of the habits I needed to break was sugar.

– The habit of searching the cupboards after every meal, settling for licking the rim of a honey jar when your more responsible self went shopping and didn’t buy the truck load of chocolate you normally justify bringing home.

– The habit of becoming a zombie who walks from her office to the cookie jar several times a day.

– The habit of eating like a saint, exercising like a fitness fanatic and ruining it all with 10 scoops of milo and a sneaky spoon of sugar on top. “I deserve it, I exercised and ate cabbage today, besides how can you milo and not sugar?” I say to the angel on my left shoulder as she scours me for giving into her cheeky devilled counter part on my right shoulder.

Yep this is me…

There is a rumour I’ve heard from my family that as a child I once turned down a chocolate biscuit for a banana. Now I’m not sure who that Hayley is, but I don’t know her.

So here’s my challenge this month, I’m to eat only the recommended daily intake of sugar for a female for the next month starting Wednesday 10th May. What is the recommended daily intake you ask? 6 teaspoons! Sounds heaps right? Wrong! A banana is the equivalent of 3 teaspoons! A bloody banana! Those yellow healthy things your mother shoved in your face as an answer to “I’mmmmmmm Hunnnngrrrrrry!”

This is my biggest demon, this is the habit I’m scared of breaking – “I could leave it until the end, perhaps never do it, yep that’s what I’ll do, never do it. Actually bugger this make it and break it mission, I just won’t do it at all! I don’t need to break any habits, I’m already the best version of myself, my life’s perfect…. right?” – cue awkward chirping crickets.

On the contrary, there’s a part of me I like to refer to as Bad Ass Hayley and Bad Ass Hayley wants to show that son-of-a-sweet-white-bitch who’s boss and lead by example. So head first into my fear I go, laters Sugar! – cue raising of ones middle finger.


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